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12362 W Interstate 10, San Antonio, TX 78230
Americus Diamond Mojo 3/ 5
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Sunday, October 21, 2012
Diamonds are not forever - there for FOOLS!
These people play their little con game on idiots. Ever seen one of their ads pitching that diamonds are so rare? Like Oh really? Diamonds are not rare and way over rated. The biggest scam on the planet. A women who needs diamonds - RUN!
Price Range: $1 - $5
Recommended: No
Level 1
Tuesday, May 15, 2012
Great Service
I bought an engagement ring and was impressed by the choices and service
Price Range: $1,500 - $2,500
Recommended: Yes


Saturday, September 5, 2009
Great Experience
I bought an engagement ring and wedding band at Americus a couple of months ago. As background, I also visited Jewelry stores at La Cantera (helzburg and Tiffany).

1. Outstanding selection - really the largest selection of engagement rings that you're going to find. I didn't realize how nice that was until we went to the smaller stores. It's organized smartly by metal (white gold, gold, platinum) then by style (solitaire, and the other kinds).

2. Sales people - When we first arrived we explained that we were just looking. I feel that sales people usually ignore if they don't think you'll be buying. It wasn't the case here though. Our sales person walked with us the entire 2.5 hours of our visit. Pulled out multiple (like more than 30) rings for my girlfriend to try on and the entire time was relaxed and not pushy. After working with us and seeing what rings we liked, she was able to anticipate and offer suggestions. I didn't feel like I was getting the hard sale or trying to be upsold. In contrast at a couple of other stores, I kept getting the used car salesmen vibe which I hate.

Even after I went back to buy the ring, I asked if I should upgrade the side stones. She told me they were plenty shiny and I don't need to upgrade. It was nice to hear that when you're nervous about to make a big purchase and hope you're buying something nice enough.

Anyway, she explained the 4C's of diamonds (maybe there's 5, I don't remember) and did not try to pressure the most expensive thing on us.

To address the review where they complained about incorrect info on the card....they write the information down right in front of you as you pick out which ring you would like. All I can say is that all my information was correct. The rings have serial numbers that they go by so it helps to just actually show up and point out the ring or know the serial number of the one you want if you're going to call in. It's not like you can call and say, please set aside the shiny one with diamonds that I looked at.

Anyway, I went back later by myself and bought the engagement ring and wedding band. I'm living overseas now so they are keeping it in the safe for free and safekeeping until I'm able to come back. I plan on buying the center diamond later to have it set.

Really the only cons I saw is that you have to send your ring in every 6 months for cleaning and maintenance in order to keep your warranty current. You get a freebie grace period if you're late on that 6 months. Really not a big deal if you live in San Antonio, but a little difficult if you don't.

Also, if you buy your center diamond somewhere else then they don't warranty the setting and all. Their prices for diamonds were very competitive so I don't see any reason to buy from a different store and not take the warranty in my case.

Also, just had to address one more thing in the other persons review. I work in medicine and have to deal with the "customer service" side of things with pushy patients and parents. When you are rude to people, it gives them less incentive to be nice to you. After the store explained the policy of not making bands with outside stones the other reviewer gave this response:

"So that was approved by the manager after some arm twisting and loud complaining."

Loud Complaining - Loud complaining about a policy that is already in place is a little ridiculous in a jewelry store in my opinion. Especially before you've even bought the rings. If you wanted something like that, just go somewhere else. Anyway, she still bought her ring

Ok, that's all I got. I had a really good experience, had read these reviews before I went and thought I would contribute. I have no affiliation with Americus, I'm in the military, lived in San Antonio for 3 years and now I'm overseas.

Pros: Huge selection, No pressures sales people
Cons: Warranty slightly restrictive
Recommended: Yes


Monday, August 31, 2009
The reviews are real
A genuine customer of Americus Diamond authored each of these reviews and granted Americus Diamond permission to post the reviews online. You can go to www.americusdiamond. com to see thousands of reviews written by real customers. Check out these reviews and the reviews on line and make your own decision.

Recommended: Yes


Sunday, August 16, 2009
I must agree with the last poster - all those positive reviews look FAKE! All the usernames are exactly the same layout.

Anyway, my fiance just purchased my ring at AD because I couldn't find what I wanted anywhere else. They do have a great selection of rings in many price ranges. I had gone to the store several times to find the right band. Once I picked the ring my fiance called the store to check on the price but they had multiple rings on my card (none of which were the ones I picked out.)

I then went to the store and luckily I knew which case it was in. I watched the rep scratch out all the other rings and hand write the correct band & price on my card. The very next day my fiance calls to make sure the right one is on my card. . . again at least 4 rings on my card none are the one I picked out! I had to go down there AGAIN to show them which one should be on my card and they had no explanation of why all those other rings were on my card.

We were only shopping for a band set because we already had the center stone (which they knew) - when we went in to purchase the bands they told us that they don't make bands for customers who bring in outside stones! WTF?! Your a jewerly store! Thats all you do is make rings!

So that was approved by the manager after some arm twisting and loud complaining. One sales lady in particular was VERY RUDE even rolling her eyes when we questioned their policy. When we told her our "special order" was approved by the manager she ROLLED HER EYES and walked off. She did not want to check with the manager, she doubled checked with another sales person.

Bottom line they have TERRIBLE customer service but a great selection of rings. We did buy our rings there afterall that but I am going to tell everyone how RUDE some of their sales staff are and how ridiculous their policies are. Beware of them telling you "policies" last minute and sales staff who DO NOT CARE ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Pros: excellent selection
Recommended: Yes
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